Welcome to an innovative approach to protecting what’s important to you. At Strategic Outcomes Legal Planning, we see people’s legal needs differently than most lawyers. Traditional approaches to providing legal services haven’t changed much over the decades. Some lawyers claim to handle a wide variety of matters, others limit their practice to areas of the law designed to take advantage of compromised positions and unfortunate circumstances in an effort to maximize the legal profession’s sacred cow, the billable hour.

Technology however, changes almost daily. Most legal research is now completed over the internet, word processing templates reduce document drafting time dramatically and mobile communications now make it hard for clients to tell when their lawyer is “virtually” giving them their undivided attention. We believe technology should allow attorneys to spend more time with clients, getting better results with more reasonable and predicable legal fees. We work on your priorities and on your schedule to turn your planning goals into strategic legal outcomes that will make a meaningful and positive difference in people‚Äôs lives for generations to come.

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